How To Install Kloxo MR on Your VPS

Kloxo has become almost a dead project by now. There are so many bugs present in kloxo and no one seems to address the issues. Its sad to let go of a great control panel which was there to rescue when you needed a free control panel in the past. I used to recommend kloxo to anyone because of its simplicity and ease of use. But not anymore,
Kloxo-MR is a fork of original LXCenter’s kloxo project and its developed by Mustafa Ramadan, hence the “MR”. Kloxo MR not only fixes the bugs of Kloxo but it has many additional features like the ability to switch to Nginx server. Its nice to see kloxo getting some fixes and going forward. Here are the specs taken from their web site:
  • Supported OS’s : Redhat/CentOS 5 and 6 (32bit and 64bit) or their variants
  • Billing: AWBS, WHMCS, HostBill, TheHostingTool and AccountLab Plus
  • Web server: Nginx, Nginx-Proxy and Lighttpd-proxy; beside Httpd and Lighttpd (in progress: Varnish, Hiawata, ATS and Httpd 2.4)
  • Php: Dual-php with php 5.3/5.4 as primary and php 5.2 as secondary (in progress: multiple-php)
  • PHP-type for Apache: php-fpm_worker/_event and fcgid_worker/_event; beside mod_php/_ruid2/_itk and suphp/_worker/_event
  • Mail server: qmail-toaster instead special qmail (in progress: change from courier-imap to dovecot as imap/pop3)
  • Database: MySQL or MariaDB
  • Webmail: Afterlogic Webmail Lite, T-Dah and Squirrelmail; beside Roundcube and Horde
  • FTP server: Pure-ftpd
  • DNS Server: Bind, Djbdns and Powerdns (in progress)
  • Addons: ClamAV, Spamassassin/Bogofilter/Spamdyke and RKHunter
  • Fixed many bugs of Kloxo Official (including security issues)
  • And many more!
Here’s how to install Kloxo-MR, Deploy Centos 5,6 32bit or 64bit version on your server and follow these steps,
A. pre-install -- better for fresh install
    cd /
    # update centos to latest version
    yum update -y
    # install some packages like package-cleanup, etc
    yum install yum-utils yum-priorities vim-minimal subversion curl zip unzip -y
    yum install telnet wget -y
    setenforce 0
    echo 'SELINUX=disabled' > /etc/selinux/config
    cd /
B. Install Kloxo-MR (select B.1 or B.2)
B.1 For Dev (alpha, beta, candidate) Release:
B.1.1. via non-RPM (not recommended for dev)
   - Install/reinstall/upgrade -- data not destroyed with this fork
     for existing kloxo (6.1.x), run 'sh /script/update' first.
    # delete if exist, create kloxo temp dir
    rm -rf /tmp/kloxo; mkdir /tmp/kloxo ; cd /tmp/kloxo; 
    rm -f ./
    # get kloxo-mr-dev installer from github
    wget --no-check-certificate
    # install kloxo
    sh ./
    # better reboot
B.1.2. via RPM (recommended for dev)
    # get repo file -- no need for 6.5.0.c and after
    wget --no-check-certificate
    # move to /
    cd /
    # edit /etc/yum.repos.d/kloxo-mr.repo
        name=Kloxo-MR - testing-neutral-noarch
        name=Kloxo-MR - testing-neutral-noarch
yum clean all
yum install kloxomr
B.2. For Final Release:
   - Install/reinstall/upgrade -- data not destroyed with this fork
     for existing kloxo (6.1.x), run 'sh /script/update' first.
    # move repo dir
    cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
    # get repo file -- no need for 6.5.0.c and after
    rm -rf kloxo-mr.repo
    wget --no-check-certificate
    # move to /
    cd /
    # need update mysql because need mysql/mariadb version 5.1++
    yum clean all
    yum install yum-plugin-replace -y
    yum replace mysql --replace-with=mysql55 -y
    chkconfig mysqld on
    # install (and then run 'sh /script/upcp')
    yum install kloxomr -y
    sh /script/upcp
    # better reboot
1. Need running 'sh /script/backup-patch' in Kloxo Official (6.1.12) before backup data.
    - In Kloxo offical run:
        cd /script
        sh ./backup-patch
2. Since 6.5.0.f-20130701, Kloxo-MR using MySQLi API instead MySQL API.  Need update mysql 5.0.x to 5.1.x or above for Centos 5.
    - Check mysql version with:
        mysql -V|awk '{print $5}'
    - Update with 'yum replace mysql --replace-with=mysql55' (ask to forum for update to MariaDB)
  • Email, SSL
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